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Supreme Court Supreme Court Nominations Info | Alito Info at Howard Phillips' Blog
Howard Phillips' Blog Read Howard Phillips' Constitutional Government Blog every day. www.HowardPhillips.com  Now you can get Howard Phillips' commentaries on the issues in the news and those of importance to all freedom loving Americans.
Bush Administration Visit "Who's on First?", the list of Bush cabinet and staff appointees as well as House and Senate Committee Chairmen.
We have added fax numbers to our complete list of Congressional Email addresses. With security inspections delaying postal mail to the Capitol by weeks or sometimes months, fax your letter instead of mailing it if you want fast attention.

Visit our MegaLink page for complete e-mail addresses for Congress, the White House, Governors, talk shows and much, much more!  We added a link that will take you to County governments across the country so you can email local elected representatives and officials.  We also have web links to all US embassies worldwide as well as foreign embassies and consulates located in the US. Got foreign policy, travel or other concerns? visit those sites and send them an email!

Panama Canal & Red China


Red China Spying & Trade





Help restore U.S. troops to the Panama Canal to stop Red China from controling the Canal. TAKE ACTION | INFO | NEWS Howard Phillips News Conference At Panama Canal Surrender
Howard Phillips' Special Report from Canal Visit

Action Needed: WTO/PNTR Votes for Red China--How did YOUR Senators & Congressman vote?  Information: Spying, Trade

The declassified version of the Cox Committee Report on Red Chinese spying is available.  Please read it and then contact your Senators and Representative to demand immediate action.  Thank you.  Read our information on China's spying and Chinese trade, and Rep. Chris Cox has additional reports.  What got deleted from the secret version before the report was released?

China and the 2008 Genocide Olympics

The RIGHT News Please visit The RIGHT News.  Check this on our Home Page regularly for the news that really counts, and read previous articles in The RIGHT News Archives section. Updated regularly.
Conservative TV Show Our weekly conservative TV program, Conservative Roundtable now airs on 100+ channels across the country. See our complete nationwide schedule.

New material has been added to the following pages which are available on our Publications Page:
Action Items
Check out our "Take Action" page where your lobbying help can make a difference.  Items include our Candidate Survey, Panama Canal, Internet Taxation and more.
New Links
Great new links have been added to The Right Links. Visit now!

Visit our category of daily news and analysis sites.  You can count on this web site to be your one-stop starting point for all your conservative web adventures!

  • Sixty Second Activist Daily e-mails to Congress
  • Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership
  • Panama Canal: Our Canal Page has lots of new info & links on the Canal and the Chinese threat. New material added here:
  • Political Parties and Former Presidential Candidates' Sites
  • Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Excellent info on threats to freedom in health care
  • Jewish World Review Great source for conservative news and columns plus Jewish culture & news!
  • U.S. Term Limits Fighting for term limits
  • Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine Research on "Global Warming" & more
  • Presidential Speeches on RealAudio
  • Election Results: US and Worldwide, updated daily
  • Many impeachment related links are on our Impeachment Page
  • Persecution Project Fighting the persecution of Christians in Sudan and other countries
  • Initiative & Referendum Institute Promoting Initiative and Referendum for all Americans
  • Radio America The nation's 24-hour conservative radio network
  • March for Life Strong backers of a Human Life Amendment and the organizers of the annual March for Life every January.

Visit these and many more sites on our "The Right Links" page.  Try it now!

Send E-Mail to  Newspaper Editors! We added e-mail addresses to send letters to the editors at 22 additional newspapers:  2 national papers, 9 in California, 2 in Florida, 3 in Nebraska, 1 in Mississippi, 2 in Ohio, 1 in Georgia, 1 in Connecticut, and 1 in Virginia.  These increase our total number of e-mail addresses for editors at newspapers and magazines to 165, making this site YOUR best resource for spreading the conservative word across America!  If your local newspapers aren't listed here, please e-mail us with their e-mail address for letters to the editor. Thank you!
& State Reps

Our complete list of House & Senate e-mail addresses: Please note that not all Congressmen have an e-mail address, but almost all Senators do.  We also have e-mail addresses for all governors who have one; as well as links to all 50 state legislatures' home pages, where you will find e-mail addresses for state representatives and much additional information.

New Search Engines

We've added a powerful new search engine to search OUR entire site.  It is available on our home page, on our Search page, and on the navigation strip at the bottom of each page.   Now you won't miss finding exactly what you want. Try it!

New high-tech search engines have been added to The Right Search Page for your searching pleasure. Check them out!

  • Search Congressional web sites: House Members Sites, Committee web sites, and the Cox Report on Red China are all indexed in this system. Separate and different from Thomas which is also on our search site.
  • GovSearch (which searches just government sites), and MilSearch (which searches just military sites!)
  • Try Fast Search, which plans to list all 800 million web sites and already has 200 million--twice that of others!
  • We added PoliticalInformation.Com's search engine which searches "Thousands of Political Websites"
  • Try EuroSeek for anything happening in Europe.
  • We added OneLook, an awesome searchable dictionary service, where you can search for the definitions of 3,000,000+ words in more than 600 dictionaries!  Don't let specialized words, slang, or jargon or even common words stump you or leave you not fully understanding what you are reading!  
  • Another excellent reference is C-SPAN's glossary of Congressional terminology, where you can learn the meanings of Congress' specialized terms.
  • We added 2 additional new search engines from the Library of Congress' Thomas: One searches for text in the Congressional Record (106th Congress), and the other searches for text in historical U.S. Documents including the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution and much more!
  • VoteNet's search engine searches only political web sites, and now joins our unique collection of many search engines of great value to conservatives. 
Winning! Please read the text of Howard Phillips' excellent speech to Concerned Women for America: Why our Cause has been Losing--How we Shall Win
New Talk Show Listings
We have upgraded our famous Talk Show Directory to include direct links to listen and watch the shows.  Bookmark that page and visit it regularly to hear your favorite shows!

Visit our Media E-Mail Links page for these talk shows as well as e-mail addresses for letters to the editor, and much more!

Voting Records Congressional Voting Records are accessible on the main menu on our home page. How did YOUR Congressman and Senators vote?
Important Publications
New publications which are available on our Publications Page:
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