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activists to lobby for less government and lower taxes!

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By TCC Chairman Peter Thomas and Staff Analysts

Published in Washington Times July 18
(Media: contact 703-938-9626 or for interviews)
Wanted—The Truth!

Was Operation Fast & Furious
Simply a bungled attempt to capture
Mexican Drug Lords, or was it an “under the radar”
political scheme hatched at the White House
as now appears possible? That’s why we’re offering a …

$100,000 Reward

For Verifiable Evidence of White House
Involvement in Operation Fast & Furious that led to the deaths of
US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, and of Mexican citizens.
Was the real intent to create mayhem and havoc along the
US-Mexican border so that the Obama Administration
could justify restricting Americans’ access to firearms?
Is this why the White House has invoked Executive Privilege,
forcing the House of Representatives to vote to find
Attorney General Holder in contempt? If you have verifiable
evidence that President Obama or one of his aides knew about
Operation Fast & Furious while it was underway,

Call 1-888-692-7374 toll free

This is your opportunity to save yourself before
Operation Fast & Furious comes crashing down like Watergate.
Don’t go to jail. Turn states evidence now just like John Dean did.
The truth will come out. Will you be caught in the web of
Operation Fast & Furious, or will you avoid jail time?
Make the right choice now.

Your information will be treated in total confidence

Paid for by:
Americans for Truth & Justice
A Special Project of The Conservative Caucus
P.O. Box 166
Vienna, VA 22183


Get Your Senators, Representative and Candidates to Sign the Petition to Repeal ObamaCare

Following the Supreme Court victory for ObamaCare, conservatives must prepare now to repeal the bill in January.

Conservative Leader Blast Justices for Supporting “Living Constitution”

Today’s Supreme Court decision upholding the individual mandate and other key points of ObamaCare is a shameful moment in constitutional history. In addition to ignoring the clear constitutional violations in the mandate, the decision will encourage this and future presidents and Congresses to force upon Americans a never-ending list of mandates.

“Five Justices of the Supreme Court today handed President Obama a massive victory for his promise to ‘fundamentally transform America.’ By upholding the mandate, the Court creates a dangerous precedent to impose unlimited mandates on the American people for virtually any purpose,” said Peter J. Thomas, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus.

A “living constitution” is the recipe for tyranny,” Mr. Thomas warned, “and in today’s decision, Chief Justice Roberts compromised with liberal Justices to preserve the mandate many believe is unconstitutional.”

Due to this decision, conservatives must work harder than ever for complete repeal of ObamaCare. We must also demand conservatives in both the House and Senate vote for full repeal, and in drafting a GOP reform bill not seek compromises with Democrats which would only trim off a few elements. Drafting a conservative reform bill should best wait until January when a more conservative House and Senate may be seated.

A true reform bill would actually lower costs, restore consumer choice, and get government out of managing our health care.

TCC has analyzed some elements which a successful plan should include:

  1. A universal tax credit or voucher sufficient for all Americans to buy a solid health insurance package (exempting initially, Medicare, the VA, and companies who still want to keep their plans for workers).

  2. Create a national market where individuals can buy from any insurance company.

  3. Changes to insurance company practices (no cherry picking, etc.).

  4. Common-sense tort reform.

  5. Allowing companies of any size to pool their employees to get lower premiums (buy like Sam Walton did).

  6. Support for health savings accounts, which provide incentives for not using insurance for trivial health concerns.

Rather than accept this defeat, this must become a rallying cry for conservatives. We can repeal ObamaCare.

The Conservative Caucus rejects the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution on ObamaCare.

Peter Thomas Selected as Chairman of The Conservative Caucus

Peter J. Thomas, one of the founders of The Conservative Caucus (TCC) in 1974, is the organization’s new Chairman. He has a long history of activity in conservative politics, and as a political appointee in Republican administrations going back to Ronald Reagan. Thomas replaces Howard Phillips, who retired late last year.

Thomas thanked Howard Phillips for his many years of service to TCC and for his unwavering support of Conservative issues. Thomas went on to say his goal as Chairman is to restore the Caucus as a grass roots lobbing force in the congressional districts as well as on Capitol Hill.

Thomas served as TCC’s National Field Director from 1975-1981, seeking to establish a grass roots network in each state and congressional district. He played a key role in organizing citizen opposition to the Panama Canal Treaties, the SALT II Treaty, and the proposed Constitutional Amendment that would have given the District of Columbia voting representation in Congress. He later founded and served as President of the Massachusetts Foundation for Economic Research.

President Reagan appointed him as the New England Regional Administrator of the General Services Administration in 1981, a position he held until 1985. Thomas returned to the Federal government in 1990, working in the Small Business Administration for two years. He gained first-hand experience with Congress as Chief of Staff to Rep. Peter Torkildsen (R-MA) from 1995-1997. He later served President George W. Bush in the Department of Agriculture, rising to the position of Acting Assistant Secretary for Administration.

The new TCC Chairman also has an extensive background in the business sector, leading the consulting firm of Bay State Strategies since 1997. Earlier he spent four years as Director of Public Affairs for Papa Gino’s of America, a restaurant chain.

The Conservative Caucus (TCC) is a grass roots public policy action organization, formed in 1974. It was active in defeating the SALT II Treaty, repealing the Catastrophic Coverage Act, blocking the Clinton health-care takeover, and persuading the U.S. House of Representatives impeach President Clinton.

Key TCC Accomplishments 1974 to Present

How did YOUR Senators Vote?
Read TCCF's Senate Report
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The Conservative Caucus is your 'Stop Obama's Agenda' Headquarters. Your action can make a great difference as we gear up to block the most intense assault on our Constitutional form of government. We must continue to fight to prevent tax hikes, inflation-inducing spending, amnesty, 'global warming' laws and executive orders, disarmament/defense cuts, ObamaCare, confirmation of left-wing & pro-abortion judges and justices, and many other threats.

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The Conservative Caucus (TCC) is "America's Constitutional Government Citizen Action Organization", dedicated to educating citizens about how we must take action to restore America to its Constitutionally limited government.

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"The Republican leadership likes to talk about pulling the tax code up by the roots,’ says Rep. Charles Rangel (D, NY). ‘But, every year, they just add more fertilizer to it." Source: Tom Herman, Wall Street Journal, 3/27/02

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