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Conservative TV Show Schedule

Nationwide Conservative TV Program Schedule

Conservative Political TV Show - Conservative Roundtable with Howard Phillips

Conservative Roundtable, featuring Howard Phillips, is the weekly political television program produced by the Conservative Caucus: "America's Constitutional Government Citizen Action Group."  Each week you'll find in-depth and critical analysis of the important issues which affect your life and our country.  Liberal threats to our freedoms are exposed and conservative values and solutions are highlighted.  It's like Meet the Press but without the liberal guests or the liberal bias.  Conservative Roundtable brings you hard-hitting information which even Rush Limbaugh won't let on the air!  Guest and topic list 

For two years, Conservative Roundtable's Face The Truth, featuring Stephen Peroutka, was the only nationally-distributed television show focusing exclusively on pro-life and pro-family issues; and featured many of the top activists and leaders working to end the outrage of abortion.

Conservative Roundtable is broadcast every week at the scheduled times below.

If your community isn't listed below, find out how to get the show broadcast for free in your community.

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Stop the
North American Union

Stop DC Voting

Stop Amnesty and Illegal Immigration

Promoting Democracy in Iran

Congressman Steve King: Stop Bilingual Ballots

"How to Succeed in Life" with J.A. Parker

U.S. Trade Policy and Job-Destroying Treaties

A Visit to Soviet-era Concentration Camps

Hon. Steve Solarz briefs you on Indian & Chinese Policy

The Free Speech Coalition Protects YOUR Rights

Nellie Gray, March for Life Founder and Leader

Rebecca Hagelin: Author, "Home Invasion"

Rep. Ron Paul: A Constitutionalist in Congress

Ron Maxwell, Director of "Gettysburg" & "Gods and Generals"

Stop the U.N. "Law of the Sea" Treaty

Canadians Oppose the North American Union - Connie Fogal

Local Leaders Can Stop Illegal Immigration

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Ron Maxwell

Howard Phillips interviews Alan Keyes

William Triplett, co-author of "Year of the Rat" and Howard Phillips

On "Conservative Roundtable": Howard Phillips interviews "Gods and Generals" Director, Ron Maxwell, conservative commentator Alan Keyes, Publisher Steve Forbes, and Congressman Steve King

Watch Every Week on Your Local Cable TV Channel

City Channel Airing Time Cable Company
Tucson & Pima County 98, 99, 120 Mon 12:00 Noon, Thurs 10:00pm Cox Cable
Tucson & Pima County Ch. 74 Mon 12:00 Noon, Thurs 10:00pm Comcast Cable
Anaheim, Villa Park Ch. 97 Mon 5:30pm Time Warner
Buena Park, Fullerton, Placentia, Santa Ana Ch. 95 Mon 5:30pm Time Warner
Brea, La Habra, Yorba Linda Ch. 98 Mon 5:30pm Time Warner
Contra Costa County (Central) Ch. 26 Every other Wed 9:30pm Comcast Cable.
Contra Costa Co. (Antioch, Pittsburg & area)  Ch. 26 Every other Mon 3:30pm Comcast Cable.
Contra Costa Co. (Brentwood, Oakley & area) Ch. 24 Every other Wed 7:30pm Comcast Cable.
Contra Costa Co. (Walnut Creek) Ch. 6 Every other Wed 9:30pm Comcast Cable.
Hollywood, Wilshire, Downtown LA, Venice, Marina Del Ray, Culver City & Mar Vista Ch. 24 Mondays at 7:30pm Comcast Cable.
Napa Valley Ch. 27 &28 Fridays at 2:00pm Comcast Cable.
Novato & Marin County 26, 27, 30 Mon 3:30p Comcast Cable

San Diego


Starts soon!


N.E. San Fernando Valley, Tujunga area Ch. 20 Tuesdays at 4:30pm Time Warner Cable.
W. San Fernando Valley, Chatsworth Ch. 34 Fridays at 4:30pm Time Warner

San Gabriel Valley area

Ch. 56

Tuesdays at 10:00pm

Charter Cable

Santa Monica
Beverly Hills
Marina Del Ray
West L.A., Eagle Rock, Sherman Oaks & Woodland Hills
Ch. 77
Ch. 37
Ch. 3
Ch. 98
Mondays at 5:00pm Adelphia Cable.
Simi Valley Ch. 19 Tuesdays at 3:30pm Comcast Cable
Westchester, Playa Del Ray, Ladera Heights, and area Ch. 24 Sundays at 7:30pm Comcast Cable.
Caanan Ch. 11 Weekly .

Northern Middlesex County
(Cobalt, Portland, Middletown, E. Hampton)

Ch. 3


Comcast Cable

Cheshire & area Ch. 8 Weekly Cox Cable
Waterbury, Prospect & area Ch. 13 Tuesdays at 9:30pm (local discussion at 10p) Tele-Media
Wallingford Ch. 16 Weekly SNET Cable


Ch. 18


AT&T Cable

District of Columbia
Washington Ch. 95/96 Weekly Comcast Cable.
Washington Ch. 10/11 RCN Cable.
Atlanta Ch. 12&24 Starts Soon! Comcast Cable.
Honolulu, Oahu Ch. 54 Mon 10:00a, Wed 8:00a, Sat 8:30a Oceanic Cable.
Kauai Ch. 12 Restarts Soon! Garden Isle Cable
Batavia Ch. 17 Fr, Sa, Su: 12:00am&pm, 6:30 am&pm Comcast Cable
South Beloit & area Ch. 12 Thursdays at 9:30pm Charter Cable
Springfield Ch 4 Wed 5:00am, 1:00pm, 10:00pm Comcast Cable.

Woodstock, McHenry & Fox Valley area


Thursdays at 5:00pm

AT&T Cable

Marion, Grant County & area Ch. 9 Sun 7:00am, Fri 7:00pm  Bright House Cable.
Des Moines Ch. 16 Sundays at 3:30pm Mediacom Cable
Waterloo, Evansdale & area Ch. 17 Mon 2:00 pm, Tues 5:00 pm, Wed 10:00 am MediaCom Cable.
Bowling Green Ch. 25 Starts Soon! Insight Cable

Boone & Kenton Counties

Ch. 21

Thursdays at 9:30pm

Insight Cable.

Campbell County Ch. 21 Sun 7:30pm, Fri 8:00pm Insight Cable.
Baton Rouge & area Ch. 41 Sundays at 5:30pm WBTR-TV
Baton Rouge & area Ch. 19 Sundays at 5:30pm WBTR on Cox Cable
Bath & Sagadahoc County Ch. 14 Weekly Suscom Cable
Biddeford Ch. 2 4 times/week Time Warner
Annapolis & S. Anne Arundel County Ch. 8 Mo 7:30pm, Tu 12:30pm, Th 7:30pm Comcast Cable
N. Anne Arundel Co. Ch. 99 Fri 7:00pm, Sat 7:00pm Comcast & Millenium Cable.
Easton Ch. 15 Thurs 10:00pm, Fri 10am Comcast Cable

N. Harford County

Ch. 7

Thursdays at 1:30pm

Clearview Cable.

S. Harford County

Ch. 21

Thursdays at 1:30pm

Comcast Cable.

Howard County . Starts Soon! .

Montgomery County

Ch. 19

Thursdays at 9:00am

Comcast Cable.

Prince Georges County (South) Ch. 76A Tue 11:30am, Thu 11:30am Comcast Cable.

Prince Georges County (North)

Ch. 76B

Tue 11:30am, Thu 11:30am

Comcast Cable.

Salisbury, Ocean City Ch. 15 Mon 7:30pm Comcast Cable
Springfield & area Ch. 13 Starts soon AT&T Broadband
Bloomfield Twp. & Hills Ch. 15 Weekly Comcast Cable.
Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms & Franklin Ch. 18 Weekly Comcast Cable.
Hastings, MI Ch. 22 Weekly Comcast Cable.
Wayne County Ch. 12 Mondays at 7:00pm BrightHouse Cable.
Duluth, St. Louis County Ch. 7, 14
16, 20
Sun 8:30am & 7:00pm, Mon 10:00pm Charter Cable.

Jackson & area

Ch. 19

Thu 9:00pm, Fri 10:30pm

Time Warner Cable

St. Louis (City) Ch. 21 Sun 5:00pm & 5:30pm, Thurs 4:30pm Charter Cable.
Ste. Genevieve Ch. 98 Mon 7a, 1p, 7p, Tue 1am Charter Cable.



Starts Soon!

Great Plains Cable


Reno & Sparks, Washoe Co.

Ch. 16

Pending Approval

Charter Cablevision.

Hidden Valley Ch. 30 Pending Approval Media One Cable
New Hampshire
Lebanon, Hanover, Canan, Enfield Ch. 8 Weekly Adelphia Cable.
New Mexico
Albuquerque Ch. 27 Tuesdays at 11:00 pm Comcast Cable
Santa Theresa Ch. 15 Fridays at 5:30 Time Warner Cable
New York
Albany & area Ch. 18 Wed 6:00 & 6:30pm Time Warner.
Fairport, Perinton Ch. 12/15 Mon & Wed 9am & 5pm, Fri 9am Time Warner.
Manhattan Ch. 34 Starts soon! Time Warner, RCN Cable

Nassau, W. Suffolk Counties

20 (digital)

Wednesdays at 1:00pm

Cablevision Woodbury.

S. Rensselaer & N. Columbia Counties

Ch. 31

Starts soon!


Peekskill & area Ch. 15 Mondays at 5:00pm Cablevision.
Riverhead (Long Island) Ch. 70 Wednesdays at 11:30am Cablevision Riverhead
Penfield Ch. 15 Tue, Thurs, Sat at varying times Time Warner.

Saugerties, Catskill & Kingston

Ch. 12


Time Warner

Schenectady & area Ch. 16 Mon 1, 5, 9pm & Tu 9:30am, 12N Time Warner

Suffolk County (central part)

Ch. 20


Cablevision Hauppage

Utica, Oneida, & area

Ch. 3

Mondays at 9:30pm

Adelphia Cable.

Warren, Washington Saratoga Co. Ch. 71 Wednesdays at 7:00pm Adelphia Cable.
North Carolina
Asheville Ch. 20 Mon 8:00p, Tue 5:30p, Wed 10p, Thu & Sat 12:30p Charter Cable
Charlotte Ch. 22 Tuesdays at Midnight Time Warner.

Cincinnati - City

Ch. 4

Sat 9:00am, Wed 9:00pm

Time Warner

Cincinnati - Entire Region Ch. 24 Mondays at 4:00pm Time Warner
Cincinnati - Western Suburbs Ch. 9 Fridays at 7:00pm Adelphia Cable
Cleveland--E. Suburbs Ch. 2 Weekly Adelphia Cable
Dayton, Riverside, Butler Ch. 20 Tuesdays at 4:30pm Time Warner.
Miami Valley (South of Dayton) Ch. 23 Saturdays at 4:30pm Time Warner.
Norman Ch. 20 Wednesdays at 5:30 pm Cox Cable.
Coos County Ch. 14 Several times a day! Charter Cable.
Corvallis and Benton & Linn Co. Ch. 29 Tu 10:00a, We 7:00p, Th 6:00p, Fr 11:00pm Comcast Cable.
Washington County, Beaverton, western Clackamas County Ch. 23 Su 8:30a, Tu, 1:30p, We 10p, Fr 9:30a Comcast Cable.
Altoona, Blair Co., N. Bedford Co. Ch. 14 Mon 9:30am & 5:00pm Atlantic Broadband.
Berks County Ch. 13 Mon or Wed at 11:30pm Comcast Cable
Berks County Ch. 19 Mon or Wed at 11:30pm Service Electric Cable
Marietta & Elizabethtown Ch. 42 Weekly Warner Cable
Montgomery County Ch. 96 Tuesdays at 8:00pm Comcast Cable.
York Ch. 16 Weekly York Cable.
Clayborn County Ch. 4 cable 9:30 pm Fridays WLMV-TV
Austin & area Ch. 10,11,16 Weekly Time Warner.
El Paso Ch. 15 Fridays at 5:30pm Time Warner.
Houston . Starts Soon! Houston Cable
Lubbock Ch. 14 Tuesdays at 7:30pm Cox Cable
Plano & Richardson Ch. 10 Mondays at 7:30pm AT&T Cable


Ch. 71


Harron Cable

Norwich, Hartford and Hartland Ch. 8 Wednesdays at 5pm Adelphia Cable.


Ch. 69

Sun 4:30pm, Mon 11:30am

Comcast Cable.

Chesterfield County Ch. 17 Rotating Schedule Comcast Cable

Fairfax County

Ch. 10

Sun 2:30pm & Fri 12:30pm

Cox Cable & Verizon Cable.

Fredericksburg Ch. Rotating Schedule Comcast Cable

Loudoun County

Ch. 3

Wednesdays at 9:00pm

Adelphia Cable.

Lee County  Ch. 4 cable 9:30 pm Fridays WLMV-TV
Prince William County Ch. 3 Saturdays at 6:30pm Comcast Cable.
Richmond (City) Ch. 95 Rotating Schedule Comcast Cable
Everett & Snohomish Co. Ch. 77 Mondays at 3:00pm Comcast Cable.
Walla Walla County Ch. 3 Thursdays at 4:30 pm TCI Cable
Yakima Ch. 21 Sundays at 6:30 pm Charter Cable.
Beloit Ch. 12 Thursdays at 9:30pm Charter Cable.
Muskego Ch. 14 Sat 3:30p, Sun 11:30a & 6:00p
Mon 6:30p & 10:30p, Tue Noon.
Time Warner Cable.
Stevens Point & area Ch. 3 Mo 5:00p, Tu 6:30a & 10:30p Charter Cable.
Superior Ch. 20 Mondays at 10:00pm Charter Cable.
Wausau Ch. 3 Tue 11:30pm, Wed 8:30am Charter Cable.

If your community isn't listed here,
YOU can volunteer to help us get the show on!

Scheduled times may change, please check your local program directory

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