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Volume VIII, Number 2 * February, 1997


Warning against the temptation "to play God," President Clinton has issued an Executive Order banning the Federal funding of human cloning research. Clinton has even gone so far as to ask privately funded scientists to halt such work until a national bioethics commission reviews what he calls the "troubling" questions surrounding this issue.

In a brief statement from the Oval Office, Clinton has declared, presumably with a straight face: "Each human life is unique, born of a miracle that reaches beyond laboratory science. I believe we must respect this profound gift and resist the temptation to replicate ourselves."

Well, now. Certainly one Bill Clinton is enough. Amen! Indeed, one Bill Clinton is one too many. But, can Clinton, who is radically pro-abortion --- who supports even the grisly de facto infanticide known as "partial birth abortion" --- really expect to be taken seriously when he talks this kind of talk? I think not.

In fact, in March of 1988, under President George Bush, the Department Of Health And Human Services (HHS) imposed a moratorium on the use of Federal funds for research projects on so-called therapeutic human fetal tissue transplantation until a panel, appointed by HHS, could study the ethical issues involved. This moratorium remained until President Clinton ordered it lifted in January of 1993.

So, if Bill Clinton really believes each human life is unique and miraculous, and reaches beyond laboratory science, why, under his Administration, and with his Administration's support, is the Federal government now funding research on aborted, unborn babies?

According to a March/1997 General Accounting Office (GAO) report titled "NIH-Funded Research: Therapeutic Human Fetal Tissue Transplantation Projects Meet Federal Requirements" (GAO/HEHS-97-61), more than $6 million of your hard-earned Federal tax dollars and mine have been spent on this horrifying, gruesome project. During Fiscal Years 1993 to 1996, the National Institutes Of Health (NIH) has given $3,855,445 to the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center to do "research" on "fetal tissue transplantation." During this same time period, NIH, for this same purpose, gave $2,028,049 to the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.


And what does our Federal government say about the religious-moral-ethical implications of this hideous, this --- dare I say it?, ungodly --- use of our Federal tax dollars? Well, nothing, really.

This GAO report tells us that experimenting with the flesh of dead, unborn babies is "a promising area of research" that may have application for a broad range of diseases. But, of course, it is said, there are "concerns" that some women might choose to conceive for the sole purpose of aborting their "fetuses" so that their tissue could be provided to "treat family members" or to supply "fetal material" for financial gain.

Among other things, this GAO report tells us that the bureaucrats at the GAO reviewed the relevant documents "to ensure that the proper number of forms were present and that consent had been obtained on or before the dates that [transplantations of tissue from dead, unborn babies] were performed." It is said that:

"In general, the requirements of the act (the NIH Revitalization Act of 1993/Public Law 103-43) are being complied with. The act's documentation requirements --- pertaining to informed consent of donors and 'donees' (recipients) and compliance statements made by institutions, researchers, and attending physicians --- were met. HHS did not submit annual reports on the program's activities, however, as required by the act....There have been no reported violations in the acquisition of human fetal tissue for use in transplantation, according to NIH and our verification efforts."

In other words, in typical bureaucratic fashion, the GAO is saying that everything here is, basically, okay because all the proper forms have been filled out and the law has been followed. But, the most important fact here has been completely ignored. And this fact is: This entire project is a violation of everything that is moral and decent because it is a violation of God's Law! To kill an innocent, unborn baby and then use its flesh for anything is an abomination!

And what, pray tell, does it mean, in this context, to speak of "informed consent"? Did any of the innocent, unborn babies here, killed by abortion, "consent" to being killed to have their flesh used in medical experiments? Of course not.

And to do all of this under the title of a law which contains the word "revitalization" adds insult to injury. The word "vital" means "of, or concerned with or essential to, life." But, abortion is about death, about the killing of innocent, unborn human beings!

This official Federal report, however, deals not at all with this crucial, key issue. In fact, at one point, this GAO report actually states, incredibly --- George Orwell, call your office! --- that two of the research projects using the flesh of dead, unborn babies "adhered to the documentation requirements for (you won't believe this!) the protection of human subjects"! Huh?! It's "protecting" human subjects to kill innocent, unborn human babies and "experiment" with their flesh?! Yep, that's what the GAO says.


This GAO report also notes that no audits have been performed on the two projects doing "research" on the flesh of dead, unborn babies because "there have been no complaints reported." The NIH, it is said, funds approximately 15,000 studies involving "human subjects." The GAO means, of course, no complaints by those who are born. Dead, unborn babies, on the other hand, do not complain because they are dead.

The Nazi analogy is often misused. But, as I read this clinical, sanitized, bureaucratic, cold-hearted GAO report I could not but help think of a book I read years ago titled, appropriately, "Murderous Science: Elimination By Scientific Selection Of Jews, Gypsies And Others, Germany 1933-45," a book published by Oxford University and written by Benno Muller-Hill, professor of genetics at the Institute of Genetics at the University of Cologne.

Writing about his examination of what he calls this "aberration in the history of science which involved some of the leading figures in the German academic establishment," Muller-Hill explains just exactly who did what:

"The division of labor during the scientific process also reinforced its objectivity. The medical expert did not make a report on his own patients which might lead to their death. Nor did the expert who gave the opinion carry out the killing to which it led. If he gave no opinion at all, then others would give it, perhaps with fewer scruples. Thus, the expert plays a part in extermination, but can do so without facing up to the end results."

Exactly. The GAO "experts" do not actually kill any innocent, unborn babies. They just, "objectively," report on this deadly, Federally-funded project. 


With the Nazis, and the scientists who did their murderous bidding, Muller-Hill says that their "objectivity opened the door to every conceivable form of barbaric practice. These German scientists and physicians lived in a world without values....these scientists and physicians were ready to do anything at all, motivated by their belief in pure objectivity."

Regarding what he calls the most important question of all --- that is, what can we learn from all this Nazi carnage? Muller-Hill says that the problem was not with "defects in the character of a few individuals, but rather with defects in psychiatry and anthropology as a whole." He concludes:

"It seems to me that the inexorable encroachment of science, which began in the 18th century during the Age of the Enlightenment...has had unforeseen and devastating effects. In science all that really matters is getting interesting, accurate results as quickly as possible; there is simply no time to talk to patients....This attitude reduces the person to a subservient depersonalized object. Such a process formed the bond which held the psychiatrists, anthropologists and Hitler together."

With the "therapeutic human fetal tissue transplantation projects" funded by hundreds of millions of your hard-earned tax dollars and mine, we are, arguably talking about --- if this is possible --- something even worse than what the Nazis did. We are talking about the killing, the murdering, by abortion, of the most defenseless among us: innocent, unborn human beings in the wombs of their respective mothers.


In these Federally-funded projects, there is no "patient" to talk to because the "patient" --- the little baby being aborted --- is being killed, being murdered. This innocent human life is seen not as what it is --- a person --- but rather as an object, a thing, an ingredient, to be sliced and diced and used to "help" other persons with their medical ills.

The question frequently asked, about what happened in Nazi Germany, is: Can it happen here, in the United States? Well, sad to say, some of the kinds of things the Nazis did are already happening here. And we are being forced to pay for it with our Federal tax dollars.

This Congressionally-approved, NIH-funded experimentation on slaughtered, innocent, unborn babies ought to be halted immediately. And those implicated in it ought to be criminally prosecuted for their role in the deaths of these little ones who are made in the image of God.

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