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In response to an inquiry from
HumanEvents, I suggested the following as among the twelve worst Federal programs:

1. AIDS EDUCATION: There is no Constitutional authority for this program which over the years has spent hundreds of millions of our tax dollars in subsidies to homosexual activist groups which promote "safe sodomy".  More Info

2. FAMILY PLANNING: A variety of Federal programs, domestic and foreign, subsidize groups such as Planned Parenthood whose activities violate the religious convictions of millions of Americans and which have the effect of promoting the abortion of innocent unborn children in violation of the Constitutional precept that "No person shall be…deprived of life…without due process of law".

3. "DUES" TO THE UNITED NATIONS: Under the Constitution, only Congress has the authority to levy taxes on U.S. citizens. By permitting the socialist majority in the U.N. General Assembly to assess "dues" on the United States, Congress and the President are improperly abdicating a prerogative which belongs exclusively to them.  More Info

4. OFFICE OF THE U.S. TRADE REPRESENTATIVE: Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution makes clear that "Congress shall…regulate Commerce with foreign Nations". Tragically, under prodding from the White House, Congress has surrendered this responsibility to the President’s Trade Representative, to the World Trade Organization, and to NAFTA. In addition, by authorizing "fast track" under severe White House pressure, Congress has, in effect, relegated itself to the role of the Supreme Soviet, permitted only to say "da" or "nyet" when it comes to approving trade agreements.

5. THE LEGAL SERVICES CORPORATION: George Bush has increased funding for this nationwide network of more than 25,000 Left-wing legal activists who seek to influence public policy without accountability to either the ballot box or the market place.  More Info

6. FREE TRADE AREA OF THE AMERICAS (FTAA): This scheme, first put forward during the tenure of George H.W. Bush and supported by both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, poses a real threat to the liberty and national independence of the United States, in addition to undermining the trade prerogatives which the Constitution assigns to Congress. FTAA is dangerously reminiscent of the European Common Market which led to a European Union in which the legal heritage of each member nation was surrendered to the control of bureaucrats in Brussels, Strasbourg, and Luxembourg.

7. SEX EDUCATION: Federal funding for the outrageous sex education schemes being promoted in hundreds of school districts around the country by Mrs. Tom Ridge with the support of Mrs. Laura Bush are profoundly morally offensive, even as they are unconstitutional.

8. KENNEDY/BUSH EDUCATION POLICY: George Bush has improperly expanded Federal funding and consequent Federal oversight of education at the state and local level. This violates both the First and the Tenth Amendments to the Constitution.

9. FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION: In signing into law the McCain/Feingold bill, George Bush has trampled our First Amendment rights and restored the worst features of the 18th century’s alien and sedition laws.

10. FDA AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTION OF RU-486: Some 130,000 babies have been killed by the RU-486 method since GWB took office. If George Bush can influence the regulatory activities of the Securities and Exchange Commission, why can’t he do something about the Food and Drug Administration which has the authority to bar the use of RU-486?  More Info

11. FOREIGN AID: Why should hardworking American taxpayers, many of whom are working two or more jobs to make ends meet, be required to subsidize socialist regimes around the world? If the Constitution were followed, foreign aid would be zeroed out.

12. WELFARE FOR NON-CITIZENS: There should be no Federal welfare subsidies for any one, but it is especially outrageous to have the Bush Administration pushing subsidies not only for non-citizens, but for illegal aliens as well.


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