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Foreign Policy, Defense
Attack on AmericaRed China MilitaryRed China Trade2008 OlympicsCox Committee ReportUnited Nations,   AngolaU.S.-NATO Kosovo AttackInternational Criminal CourtWithdraw from UNUS Subsidies to UNClinton/GOP Defense CutsIraqMake Puerto Rico a State?Kosovo & SerbiaChemical WeaponsMissile Defense. Panama Canal:  Panama CanalBuy Panama Military BasesWho Will Control Canal?Canal Letter to Editor,   Canal Trip ReportCanal Surrender News
Government, Voting Records
White House Staff/Congressional Leaders/Cabinet Officials"Bush Watch"Congressional Voting Records,   1998 Votes, 1997 Votes,   The "Hillary Watch"China Trade PNTR VotesHow GOP Leadership VotesGOP Betrays ConservativesEstablishment Ethics-OxymoronicImpeach Al Gore?, ImpeachmentImpeachment Votes81 Questions for ClintonGovernment CorruptionPresidential Candidate Questionnaire43 Questions for Congressional Candidates, E-Mail Addresses for Congress, White House, Media
Freedom, Society & Tyranny
Right to LifeEnding "Legal" AbortionElian & Federal Police PowersFederal PoliceGun GrabbersHomosexual Agenda, Abolish Legal ServicesMore LSC InfoLSC-Real Cost, Executive Orders, Assault on America, Welfare for ChimpsFood Stamps for FelonsBallot AccessSeparate School from GovernmentStop Socialized MedicinePsychiatric Fraud
Economy & Trade
How to Restore Constitutional MoneyIMF & World BankFederal ReserveRed Chinese TradeOutrageous 2000 Federal Budget, Euro, 1999 Federal Budget "Deal",   Microsoft TrialMcCain Tobacco Tax"Death & Taxes
Talk Show Directory, Newspapers, TV NetworksConservative TV Show
Historic U.S. Documents
ConstitutionDeclaration of IndependenceNot Yours to GiveExecutive Orders,  more
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Howard Phillips
Biography"The Last Honorable Politician""How We Shall Win"

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