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2008 Political Events Calendar

Visit the Current Year's Political Events Calendar

Events will be added or changed as announced. Got a political related event we should list--let us know. Scheduling an event?--Check here for conflicting events first.

  • January 1 & 2  Myspace.com holds a mock "Presidential Primary".

  • January 1-14  West Virginia GOP Precinct Caucuses

  • January 3  Iowa Caucuses.

  • January 5  Wyoming Conventions

  • January 6  Fox News Debate

  • January 8  New Hampshire Primary.

  • January 10  Building a North American Union - Fact or Fiction, Manchester, NJ Info.

  • January 10  Fox News Presidential Debate in Myrtle Beach, SC at 9:00pm

  • January 11  Cato Book Forum: The Mind of the Market-The Case for Capitalism from an Evolutionary Perspective 12:00 pm Featuring Michael Shermer. Info.

  • January 14  Let Them Live Rally at the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta in support of Georgia's Human Life Amendment, HR 536. Contact: Jenny Hodges, Pro-Life Unity, 404-435-8852, Info.

  • January 15  Michigan Primary.

  • January 15  Lecture at Heritage Fdn. Taiwan's Parliamentary Elections: Who Won, Who Lost, and What It Means 10:00-noon Washington, DC Info.

  • January 18  Lee-Jackson Day.

  • January 18-20 Hunting seminar, Saint Paul, Minnesota Info.

  • January 19  Nevada Caucuses & South Carolina GOP Primary.

  • January 19  Students for Life Conference, Washington, DC. Info.

  • January 19  "Defending America's Sovereignty." 9 AM to 1 PM at Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma City Concerning North American Union, sponsored by  Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise Info.

  • January 19  Walk for Life West Coast, San Francisco walkforlifewc

  • January 20-21  March For Life Convention, Washington, DC Info.

  • January 21  CNN/Congressional Black Caucus Debate for Democrat candidates, held in Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • January 22  Louisiana Caucus. 

  • January 22 Lincoln Institute's monthly Breakfast Forum: "What do a $6.5 billion art collection, the nation’s first historically black college, aggressive lawyers, and Philadelphia’s upper class elite have in common?" Find out from speaker Martin Morse Wooster. University Club, 1135 16th St., Washington, DC. www.lincolnreview.com 202-223-5112 7:30-9:00am. 

  • January 22  Attend the March for Life in Washington, DC. Join with 500,000+ people! Walk in the March and attend the pro-life convention. www.marchforlife.org 

  • January 22  March For Life Dinner, Washington, DC Info.

  • January 25-26  12th Annual Mid-Winter Home Educators Conference, Hudsonville, MI Info.

  • January 26  SC Democrat Presidential primary

  • January 28  The President's State of the Union Speech to Congress.

  • January 29  Florida Primary

  • January 29  Television Training Workshop 1 & 2 at Leadership Institute, Arlington, VA Info.

  • January 30  CNN/Politico/Los Angeles Times Debate for GOP candidates, held in Simi Valley at the Ronald Reagan Library. Submit YOUR question at http://dyn.politico.com/debate/

  • January 31  Bob Barr speaks at Ripon College, WI Info

  • January 31  Cato Policy Forum: NATO's New Troubles: Afghanistan, Kosovo and the Future of the Alliance 11:00 am Wash, DC Info

  • January 31  CNN/Politico/Los Angeles Times Debate for Democrat candidates, held in Los Angeles. Submit YOUR question at http://dyn.politico.com/debate/. 

  • February 1  National Freedom Day

  • February 1-3  Caucuses in Maine

  • February 2  Grassroots Campaign School, Reno, NV by Leadership Institute. Info.

  • February 2  GOP Primary in South Carolina

  • February 5  "Super Tuesday" primaries:
    *   GOP Primaries in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California Delaware, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah & West Virginia
    GOP Primaries in Michigan
    *  Democrat Primaries in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California Delaware, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma & Utah 

  • February 9 or February 16 GOP Primary in Louisiana

  • February 5  Fairfax County GOP "Super Tuesday Watch Party" - Location TBA. Call: 703-766-4GOP.

  • February 6  Ash Wednesday

  • February 7-9  Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Washington, DC www.cpac.org Thousands of people, top speakers.

  • February 9 Louisiana Primary, GOP Caucus in Kansas & Caucus Washington

  • February 10  Democrat Primary in Maine

  • February 12  Lincoln's Birthday

  • February 12  GOP Primary in Tennessee

  • February 12  Primaries in Tennessee, Virginia & Washington DC

  • February 16  The Canadian Action Party is holding a nationwide day of action, demanding that the Canadian government hold a referendum on the SPP/North American Union instead of enacting it in secret. canadianactionparty.ca

  • February 19  GOP Primaries in Minnesota & Wisconsin, Primary in Washington

  • February 19  Democrat Primary in Wisconsin, Hawaii Caucus.

  • February 19  Phyllis Schlafly speaks at DePaul University, IL Info.

  • February 22  George Washington's Birthday (actual date)

  • February 26  (unofficial date) GOP Primary in Virginia

  • February 26  Democrat Primaries in Hawaii & Idaho

  • February 28  Reagan Ranch High School Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, Info.

  • March  (Date to be determined) Democrat Primaries in American Samoa, Democrats Abroad, Guam, Minnesota, North Dakota, Virgin Islands & Wyoming

  • March 4  Republican Primaries in Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas & Vermont

  • March 4  (unofficial date) Republican Primary in Pennsylvania

  • March 4  Democrat Primaries in Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas & Vermont.

  • March 7  Democrat Primary in Colorado.

  • March 8  Democrat Primary in Kansas.

  • March 8-11 National Religious Broadcasters Convention & Expo, Nashville, TN Info.

  • March 11 Lincoln Institute's monthly Breakfast Forum: University Club, 1135 16th St., Washington, DC. www.lincolnreview.com 202-223-5112 7:30-9:00am.

  • March 11  Democrat Primaries in Florida, Louisiana & Mississippi

  • March 11  Republican Primaries in Mississippi & Washington

  • March - THIS WEEK  Protests at Chinese embassies and consulates worldwide to protest Chinese genocide in Tibet. Join in! Tell your friends!

  • March 18  Democrat Primaries in Illinois & Oregon

  • March 18  Republican Primary in Illinois

  • March 21  Good Friday

  • March 22  Pro-Tibet demonstration at Lafayette Square in front of the White House, 12:30-4:00 pm. Bring signs, flags and your friends to support the Tibetan freedom fighters!

  • March 23  Easter

  • March 27-29  First Annual Cincinnati Homeschool Convention Hosted by Midwest Homeschool Convention Info.

  • March 29  The Human Rights Olympics Torch arrives in San Jose to a great celebration, march and events Info. This is the anti-Communist torch, and the Torch relay exposes Chinese human rights horrors.

  • March 30  The Human Rights Olympics Torch arrives in Boston to a great celebration, march and events Info. This is the anti-Communist torch, and the Torch relay exposes Chinese human rights horrors.

  • March 31  Anti-Tax Rally - 6 PM, at the Fairfax, VA Government Center to kick off the budget hearings. Call: 703-502-0161. Info 

  • April  (Date to be determined) Democrat Primary in Alaska

  • April 3-4  Candidate Training: "All Things Ethical" at The Flamingo, Las Vegas, Campaigns & Elections Campaign Training Seminars Info: Tracy Dietz 703-778-4020

  • April 5  The Human Rights Olympics Torch arrives in San Francisco to a great celebration, march and concert Info. This is the anti-Communist torch, and the Torch relay exposes Chinese human rights horrors.

  • April 5 Louisiana's 1 & 6 district special primary election run-off

  • April 7  The American Cause, founded by Pat Buchanan, holds a symposium: "Russia Friend or Foe" at the Boulevard Woodgrill Restaurant (2901 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA 22201) from 7-10 PM. Contact Marcus Epstein at pr@roberttaft.org or call 757-375-0179.

  • April 8 California's 12th District special primary election

  • April 9  "Secure Our Borders" day of national rallies and activities on college campuses. Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Info.

  • April 9 The Communist Chinese "Genocide Olympics" torch comes to San Francisco for a propaganda event. Go and protest! Carry signs! Apply to be a torch carrier! Support Freedom! Info, How to join the huge protest.

  • April 10-12  CHEA Bay Area Convention in Santa Clara, CA Hosted by Christian Home Educators Association of California Info.

  • April 12  The Human Rights Olympics Torch arrives in Portsmouth, NH to a great celebration, march and events Info. This is the anti-Communist torch, and the Torch relay exposes Chinese human rights horrors.

  • April 11-13  Vision Forum presents the annual Father and Daughter Retreat in Pine Mountain, GA Info.

  • April 14  Christian Boys’ & Men’s Titanic Society Annual Dinner & Commemoration, Washington, DC  Info.

  • April 15  Republican Primary in Colorado

  • April 15  Tax Horror Day. Work for the day when April 15 is just another pretty spring day--repeal the income tax.

  • April 15-20 The Pope visits New York and Washington, DC. Info: http://www.uspapalvisit.org/

  • April 16  The Human Rights Olympics Torch arrives in Minneapolis to a great celebration, march and events Info. This is the anti-Communist torch, and the Torch relay exposes Chinese human rights horrors.

  • April 16  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Democrat debate, at the National Constitution Center, Philadelphia. ABC TV, 8:00-9:30 Eastern.

  • April 19  The Human Rights Olympics Torch arrives in Portland, Maine to a great celebration, march and events Info. This is the anti-Communist torch, and the Torch relay exposes Chinese human rights horrors.

  • April 20  First day of Passover

  • April 21-22 SPP Summit with President Bush meeting with the leaders of Canada and Mexico to advance the North American Union, held in New Orleans. This is a follow-on meeting to last year's summit in Montebello, Canada. Many protests may occur. The SPP is the planning entity for merging the US with Mexico and Canada and eliminating the borders.

  • April 21  TCC will hold a major news conference in New Orleans during the SPP Summit. Details.

  • April 22  Primary in Pennsylvania

  • April 23 "Tax Freedom Day" The day you stop slaving for government taxes and begin to earn for you and your family Info.

  • April 22-27  Constitution Party Presidential Nominating Convention in Kansas City, MO  Info

  • April 26  The Human Rights Olympics Torch arrives in New Haven, CT to a great celebration, march and events Info. This is the anti-Communist torch, and the Torch relay exposes Chinese human rights horrors.

  • April 26  White House Correspondents' Dinner, Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC Info

  • April 26  Republican Primaries in Kansas & Nevada

  • May 1  National Day of Prayer Info.

  • May 3  The Human Rights Olympics Torch arrives in San Diego to a great celebration, march and events Info. This is the anti-Communist torch, and the Torch relay exposes Chinese human rights horrors.

  • May 3  Primary in Guam, Louisiana's general election for 1 & 6 district special general election.

  • May 6  Primaries in Indiana and North Carolina.

  • May 8  Canadian March for Life - Ottawa, Ontario. Info: www.Campaignlifecoalition.com Additional activities, May 7-9.

  • May 10  Republican Primary in Wyoming

  • May 13  Primary in Nebraska, Democrat primary in West Virginia

  • May 17  Armed Forces Day

  • May 17-18  Andrews AFB, Maryland Huge military Air Show! Info.

  • May 19-20  Hillsdale U. Seminar in NY City: "Educating for National Leadership: A Twenty-Five-Year Anniversary Seminar" Info.

  • May 20  Primary in Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon

  • May 20  Democrat Primary in Kentucky

  • May 23-26  Libertarian National Convention, Denver, CO

  • May 26  Memorial Day (observed)

  • May 27  primary & Republican caucus in Idaho.

  • May 27-31  U.S. Model Congress, Washington, DC www.modelcongress.org

  • May 31  Virginia State Republican Convention in Richmond, Virginia.

  • June 1  Puerto Rico Democrat Primary

  • June 3  Primaries in Alabama, California, Iowa, Montana, New Mexico,  South Dakota, also New Mexico GOP Caucus.

  • June 3-5  Capitol Hill Job Seminar, Arlington, VA by Leadership Institute Info.

  • June 4  The 19th anniversary of the Tiananmen Freedom Demonstrations, and the bloody assault by the dictators.

  • June 6  Republican Primary in Hawaii

  • June 6  Primary in Virginia

  • June 6-8  The Future of Freedom Foundation presents the "Restoring the Republic: Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties" conference, Reston VA Hyatt Regency Info: 703-934-6101

  • June 9  Republican Primary in Montana

  • June 9-15 PorcFest 2008 in New Hampshire. A festival for supporters and those interested in the Free State Project Info

  • June 12-14  Candidate Training: "The Art of Political Campaigning", Washington Marriott, Campaigns & Elections Campaign Training Seminars Info: Tracy Dietz 703-778-4020

  • June 14  Flag Day: Honor our flag and the liberties it represents.

  • June 18-21  National High School Leadership Conference in  Washington, DC, sponsored by Young America's Foundation

  • July 2-6  "Revolution 4 Freedom Festival" at Lamphere Ranch Campground, Sturgis, South Dakota Info Billed at the "Patriots Western Woodstock".
    July 4  Celebrate Independence Day

  • July 4  Huge 4th of July Conservative "Soirée" Sponsored by Leadership Institute, N. VA. www.leadershipinstitute.org 

  • July 4  What's your July 4th event? Let us post it for you here.

  • July 9-12  The Revolution March in Washington DC. Big rally on the 12th, with citizen-lobbying training on the 9th & 10th, and a day of Congressional visits on the 11th to lobby against the North American Union, amnesty and other issues. Ron Paul, Howard Phillips and others will speak. Site  Blog

  • July 10-11 15th Annual Eagle Forum Collegians Leadership Summit, Washington DC at the Heritage Foundation. Info

  • July 20-25  Cato University, Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA Info.

  • July 28-Aug 1  Campaign Manager School, Arlington, VA by Leadership Institute Info.

  • August 3-9  The 30th National Conservative Student Conference, Washington, DC, sponsored by Young America's Foundation

  • August 8-24 The Communist Chinese "Genocide" Olympics held in Beijing.

  • August 8 Big protest at Chinese Embassy in Washington DC and other cities across world with important speakers. Info

  • August 9-18  Vision Forum presents the Father and Son Retreat, Crooked Creek Ranch, CO Info.

  • August 25-28  Democrat National Convention, Denver, CO Agenda

  • August 25-28 Massive anti-illegal immigration protest in Denver during Dem Convention. Info: www.minutemanhq.com/hq

  • August 31-September 2 Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic, Minneapolis, MN Huge rally and educational event featuring Ron Paul and fellow conservatives while the GOP meets for their convention  www.campaignforliberty.com

  • September 1-4  GOP National Convention, Minneapolis, MN

  • September 2  Howard Phillips speaks at Ron Paul's Rally For The Republic in Minneapolis www.campaignforliberty.com

  • September 2  Sacramento, CA – The Minutemen Civil Defense Corp and Save Our State, will host a day of protesting and lobbying at the State Capitol North steps on September 2nd from 10:30am to 3:30pm. Info

  • September 9  Lincoln Institute Breakfast Forum, 7:30 - 9:00AM at the University Club of Washington, DC, 1135 16th S., NW WDC 20036. Speaker: Darin Waters, Ph.D. candidate at UNC-Chapel Hill. "Blacks and the Vanderbilts in Asheville, North Carolina." www.lincolnreview.com 202-223-5112

  • September 17  Constitution Day: the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution.

  • September 17  TCC's Annual Constitution Day Event, Hyatt Arlington Hotel, 1325 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22209
    6:30-10 pm Learn more about the Constitution Info
  • September 18-21 Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas Info
  • September 26  PBS Presidential debate at the University of Mississippi Oxford, Miss. Info 9:00 EDT
  • October 2  50th Anniversary Celebration of the John Birch Society Info.

  • October 2  PBS Vice Presidential debate in St. Louis, MO at Washington Univ. 9 PM EDT

  • October 7  NBC Presidential debate in Nashville, TN at Belmont Univ. 9:00 PM EDT

  • October 15  CBS Presidential debate in Hempstead, NY at Hofstra Univ. 9:00 PM EDT

  • October 13  Columbus Day: Celebrate the exciting discovery of the New World which led to the founding of the greatest nation on Earth, the United States of America!

  • October 20-25  Christian Filmmakers Academy & Film Festival in San Antonio, TX Vision Forum  Info.

  • October 23  Grassroots Get-Out-The-Vote Workshop Baltimore, MD www.leadershipinstitute.org

  • November 4  Election Day - Please vote!

  • November 8-9  Broadcast Journalism School in Arlington VA, Leadership Institute Info.

  • November 9  19th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall! Freedom wins!

  • November 8-9 Broadcast Journalism School Arlington, VA  www.leadershipinstitute.org

  • November 8  Regional Leadership Meeting, Providence, RI by National Center for Family Integrated Churches Info

  • November 11  Veterans Day  Honor the vets who fought for our freedom.

  • November 11  Lincoln Institute Breakfast Forum with Dr. Alan L. Gropman 7:30-9:00 am, University Club, 1135 16th Street, NW, Washington, D.C. Info: lincolnreview.com or 703-759-4278.

  • November 11-December 28  Exhibition - Invasion 68: Prague
    at Katzen Arts Center at American University: photos of the 1968 Soviet invasion of Prague that ended the political liberation of Czechoslovakia. Info.

  • November 14  Introduction to Television Techniques & On-camera Television Workshop Arlington, VA www.leadershipinstitute.org

  • November 14-15  West Coast Leadership Conference  Santa Barbara, California http://yaf.org/

  • November 15  Oklahomans for Initiative Rights holds a conference on restoring the iniative in OK.  Oklahoma City. www.ok4ir.org

  • November 16  Obama's resignation from the US Senate effective.

  • November 17, Heritage Foundation event: Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack: Another Tool for America's Enemies, 11:00 AM Info.
  • November 17-19  Conservative Career Workshop Arlington, VA  www.leadershipinstitute.org "How to get a job on Capitol Hill."

  • November 18  (week of) Recount in Minnesota Senate race begins.

  • November 18  Radical environmentalists march in DC amidst freezing weather & snow flurries.

  • November 18  Congressional "Lame Duck" session to convene.

  • November 19  On-camera Television Workshop Arlington, VA  www.leadershipinstitute.org

  • November 19, Heritage Foundation event: Human Rights in China and Vietnam, 2:00 PM Info.
  • November 19  Young American Broadcasters holds a student conference for aspiring journalists. At National Association of Broadcasters in Washington, DC. yabconference@aol.com
  • November 20  10th Annual Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom Awards Reception, co-hosted by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and the Embassy of Ukraine
    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at the Embassy of Ukraine, 3350 M Street, NW Washington, DC 20007 Info: victimsofcommunism.org

  • November 20  Missouri Eagle Forum Event, 7pm Info.

  • November 20  Book Discussion of Funding Fathers: The Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement w/RON ROBINSON, Young America's Foundation, AARON DORFMAN, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy and JOHN J. MILLER, National Review - Noon-2 PM, Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C. Headquarters. Free 202-974-2424.

  • November 21-23  H.L. Mencken Club presents: 15 prominent conservative scholars, authors, and political scientists--The theme, "The Egalitarian Temptation" encompasses "World War I and the Collapse of the Old Order," classical education, civics education, "Equality and Immigration," Mencken, and Nietzsche. Holiday Inn/BWI, 890 Elkridge Landing Road, Linthicum, MD. http://www.menckenclub.org/blog/?p=5

  • November 21-23  North American Regional Meeting of the Trilateral Commission, Ottawa, Ontario.

  • November 22  "End The Fed" Rallies will be held in the following 39 cities: Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Little Rock, Louisville, Memphis, Minneapolis, Helena, Kansas City, Denver, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Washington, D.C.
    Ron Paul will be participating in Houston, TX, Constitution Party Vice-Presidential candidate, Darrell Castle, will be the guest speaker in Kansas City, MO, Alex Jones in Dallas, TX, and
    G. Edward Griffin in Los Angeles, CA
    Info:  www.EndTheFed.us, www.constitutionparty.com and www.restoretherepublic.net

  • November 23  Nationwide elections for governor, legislative and mayoral races in Venezuela; where Chavez's party is expected to suffer great losses!

  • November 27  Thanksgiving Day

  • December 1-4 Public Relations School Arlington, VA  www.leadershipinstitute.org

  • December 2  Senatorial Runoff Election in Georgia.

  • December 2  Ann Coulter speaks at New York University, NY Info.

  • December 2  Ron Robinson and Nicole Hoplin speak at the Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C. Info.

  • December 2-3  The (Bill) Clinton Global Initiative holds a meeting in Hong Kong.

  • December 3  Wednesday Wakeup Club Breakfast Arlington, VA  www.leadershipinstitute.org 7:30am featuring John Fund, Columnist for the Wall Street Journal

  • December 3  Ann Coulter speaks at the College of New Jersey, NJ Info.

  • December 4  Bay Buchanan will speak on need of conservatives to stand up for their beliefs, and not back down when attacked by their liberal professors or peers. 7:30pm at the  Johnson Center of the Fairfax campus of George Mason University on the 3rd floor, meeting room G  Info: http://mason.yafva.org (434) 420-6323

  • December 5 Public Speaking Workshop Arlington, VA  www.leadershipinstitute.org

  • December 5-6  Regional NCFIC Conference, Wake Forest, NC
    by National Center for Family Integrated Churches  Info

  • December 5-8 Virginia GOP's Annual "Advance 2008" Event & State Central Committee meeting, The Homestead, Hot Springs, VA Info. "Recap the 2008 elections and plan for the 2009 elections".

  • December 6  Louisiana Congressional Elections: 2nd and 4th Districts.

  • December 6  The John Birch Society holds their 50th Anniversary Banquet at the DoubleTree Hotel in Sacramento. Info.

  • December 7  Pearl Harbor Day  We must never forget...defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  • December 8-12 Future Candidate School Arlington, VA  www.leadershipinstitute.org

  • December 10  Supreme Court to review case regarding Obama's birth certificate. Info at WND.

  • December 11-12  Democrat National Committee State Democratic Chairs and Executive Committee meet in San Diego, CA.

  • December 12  President Bush gives commencement address at Texas A&M University.

  • December 12-13  The Constitution Party National Committee meeting will be held in Orlando, Florida at the Embassy Suites – Orlando Airport, 5835 T.G. Lee Boulevard, Orlando FL 32822. www.constitutionparty.com

  • December 13-19  Move America Forward's National Bus Tour in support of our troops visits the following cities. Info. 12/13 Sacramento, CA at Crocker Museum Parking Lot and Parade to Capitol 216 O St. (lot at 2nd and N), 12/14   Henderson, NV Rally at American Legion Post 40 425 E. Van Wagenen St. 12/15 Phoenix, AZ Rally at Veterans of Foreign Wars 804 E. Purdue Ave. 12/15 El Paso, TX Rally at Wal-Mart Supercenter 4530 Transmountain Dr. 12/16 San Antonio, TX Rally at Wal-Mart 1430 Austin Hwy. 12/16 Austin, TX Rally at Wal-Mart 1030 Norwood Park Blvd. 12/17 Houston, TX Rally at Wal-Mart 4810 Highway 6 N #A. 12/18 Baton Rouge, LA Rally at Wal-Mart 14507 Plank Rd (Baker). 12/18 Mobile, AL Rally at Eastern Shore Shopping Cener 30500 State Hwy 181 #451. 12/19 Tallahassee, FL Rally at Governor's Square Mall 1400 Apalachee Pkwy. 12/19 Jacksonville, FL TBA.

  • December 15  Members of the U.S. Electoral College meet in each state to cast their votes for President and Vice President.

  • December 22  First day of Hanukkah.

  • December 25  Christmas Day - Keep the Christ in Christmas.

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Left-wing organizations often receive millions of dollars in taxpayer grants, and they also enjoy favorable coverage from the liberal media. Conservative organizations therefore rely even more on the generosity of individual Americans like you.

Donations of money or computers and other items are an extremely valuable way you can assist our efforts to cut government power, slash taxes, and restore our Constitution. Please help! Donate online!


We produce a nationwide conservative television program using a volunteer crew.  If you live in the Washington D.C. area and have experience or a strong interest in television production, motion pictures, theater, audio recording, radio, photography, church a/v, lighting, makeup, and related fields; let us know because we are looking for additional volunteers.  We can even provide some training.  Use your skills to advance the conservative cause!

About the conservative TV program | Got broadcast video or audio equipment to donate? | Contact us for more information


Find out how a few minutes of your time can get us the approval needed from YOUR local cable company to broadcast our weekly conservative television program in YOUR community at no cost! Half the battle of winning our legislative campaigns is getting the facts to Americans, and this TV show can help!  Details  Watch our program at YouTube


We have openings for interns at our office throughout the year, not just for the summer!  Learn or sharpen your skills as a conservative activist while helping our activities to restore the Constitutionally limited government the Founders intended.

Intern activities can include legislative research, television production, website design and maintenance, grass-roots lobbying, computer projects, and much more.

We invite retired people or anyone looking to volunteer for these and other projects their time at our Vienna, VA office to contact us.

  • For conservative political research and lobbying internships, please contact Charles Orndorff, the Administrative Vice-Chairman at 703-938-9626 or write to Mr. Orndorff at The Conservative Caucus, 450 Maple Avenue East, Suite 309, Vienna, VA 22180.
  • For conservative TV production internships, or website development, graphics and computer internships, please contact Art Harman at the same address and phone number.  We can offer you experience in either or both webmastering and television production!

We will be happy to put together a custom internship experience for you from one or more of these categories.

Interested in helping with any of these activities?  Please contact Art Harman or Charles Orndorff at 703-938-9626, or write to The Conservative Caucus, 450 Maple Avenue East, Suite 309, Vienna, VA 22180.



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