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"Based on my current research, I estimate that if all the current adult illegal immigrants in the U.S. were granted amnesty the net retirement costs to government (benefits minus taxes) could be over $2.5 trillion." Robert Rector

For your convenience, we present a number of talking and debate points on amnesty. President Obama has not abandoned his goal of forcing amnesty through Congress or by executive order, and it might even be attached to any "must-pass" bill with little or no notice.  We urge you to take action to keep amnesty dead. Please see our action items on amnesty.

Read the previous Senate amnesty vote lists.

A Vote For Amnesty is a Vote for Abortion.

The millions of amnestied illegals, once they become citizens, will vote overwhelmingly liberal. While many illegals are Catholic and may oppose abortion and other parts of the liberal agenda, the liberals they elect will create an permanent and undefeatable Congressional majority for abortion.  Use this important point when you call talk shows and your Senators.


We'll keep these talking points here for your reference because amnesty will be dug up again and again and we will be forced to defeat it again and again. Obama will keep trying to force it through as long as he is in office.


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