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The First 100 Ways
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Note: many of these reports are long documents, but they are worth the wait!  Save and print these important blueprints for restoring our country, and share them with your friends.

The White House
 If you were President of the United States --- and wanted to put our beloved nation back on the right track --- adhering strictly to our 1787 Constitution: Where would you begin? --- How would you proceed?

The Conservative Caucus Foundation (TCCF) hopes to be able to provide answers --- looking forward to the time when we will have political leaders who are committed to cutting the Federal government down to Constitutional size.

When FDR came to town with his Big Government "New Deal", liberals celebrated his "first 100 days".

TCCF --- committed to restoring the Federal Union as understood by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson --- rather than Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson --- is preparing, by contrast, "The First 100 Ways".

That's the project we launched at the annual meeting of our Board of Trustees, which met in Washington, D.C. --- just down the street from the White House --- on January 13.

Our goal --- one way at a time --- is to prepare a "how to do it" battleplan --- so that, step by step, we can spell out exactly what needs to be done by a future President of the United States --- who is sincerely committed to limiting the Federal government to its delegated, enumerated Constitutional functions.

Won't you help us chart the course for "The First 100 Ways" --- 100 ways to restore our government to its Constitutional boundaries and Biblical premises?

For too long American Presidents have "gone along to get along" --- approving ever more spending, ever higher taxes, and ever more burdensome regulations.

We say: "it's time to do more than simply focus on who's driving the train". TCCF will focus on a change of direction, moving America forward once again along the route charted by our Founding Fathers.

If we're serious about redirecting public policy, we need a detailed blueprint of exactly what to do when the day comes that the government is in the hands of leadership genuinely committed to uphold the Constitution of the United States --- as it is written.

That is what TCCF has begun to prepare --- a precise, step-by-step plan to eliminate the unconstitutional activities of the U.S. Government, while more appropriately fulfilling its legitimate functions.

I do not know when we will finally have the chance to put these policies into effect, but we must be ready when that day arrives.

Indeed, our readiness will hasten the day of victory. TCCF's Trustees have already authorized this "First 100 Ways" project --- and assigned a separate line item in our budget to make it a success.

Now, contributions must be secured so that TCCF can cover the cost of activities approved in the budget.

This is a plan for total victory.

No more "preemptive concessions" ---

--- no more "losing as slowly as possible".

We are challenging the premises of collectivism, liberalism, socialism, humanism, and all the other "isms" which have, over the decades, eroded our Biblical, Constitutional heritage.

Howard Phillips
The Conservative Caucus Foundation

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