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A few miscellaneous notes about our website.

Home Page Design: We hope you like our home page, with the "mouse-over" expanding menu system.  This lets us link all of our key pages directly from the home page without using up a lot of real estate, and the benefit to you is the ability to find what you want faster and more easily.  The menu uses Java Script language to create the special effects and works with IE 4 + as well as Netscape 4 +.  If you have a 15" or larger monitor, set your screen resolution to 800x600 or 1024x768 and the whole page width will fit on your screen.

Translate: Try our link to AltaVista's web page translation program.  You can then read our site in Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.  It's not perfect by any means, but it will let international visitors understand us much better, or you can use it to practice reading a foreign language.  The translation link is at the bottom of the home page.

Known problems with ancient browsers: You will find that the home page and a few others do not look their best in Netscape 2.0 and earlier or in Internet Explorer 1.0 too.  The problem is that those browsers do not support the use of background colors in tables, and the home page uses some blue table boxes with white lettering.  They may gag on the Java as well (see below).  As of version 4, Netscape browsers do not yet support colored borders for table boxes or horizontal lines.  The horizontal line below the page title, for example, will look maroon in Internet Explorer.

"Java Script": Java Script is a programming language which displays custom features and special effects.  We use a Java Script on the home page for the menu system as well as the "pop-up" box which is used for special announcements, as well as the link to the Washington Post on the "Right" Links page and in a few other places.  Please let me know if you get error messages with the word Java in them.

Mac, Linux & Unix browser users:  Please let me know how the site looks on your browser, particularly the home page, the tables, the fonts and the background.  Thank you very much.

"Cookies":  Cookies are a small file which many web sites put on your hard disk, often to remember registration information about their visitors.  Unless you specifically set your browser's options to alert you to Cookies or to block them; you will not be aware which sites do this.  While these can be useful, there can be security and privacy problems in letting un-ethical web sites determine personal information about you from your computer and then storing that information for their future use.  We do not use cookies, however the web site hosting company does use a cookie only for the purpose of counting how many web site visitors we have and for no other purpose.

Please let me know if you have any technical questions or ideas.  Volunteer assistance to improve this valuable web site is greatly appreciated!

Art Harman
The Conservative Caucus


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