Howard Phillips
Expert, Dynamic Speaker

Topics Include:
  • Obama’s Radical Agenda, the Future of Conservativism.
  • Will the GOP Sell Out?
  • The Economy/Deficits/Jobs/Taxes.
  • Repealing ObamaCare.
  • Should Obama be Impeached?
  • Immigration/Amnesty/Border Security.
  • NAFTA, WTO, Trade, Job Loss.
  • Preserving American Independence, North American Union, UN.
  • Red China: Trade, Military Threats, Tyranny.
  • U.S. Defense, Disarmament.
  • End the Fed, Abolish the Death Tax.
  • How I defunded ACORN—in 1973, and how you can too.
  • Howard Phillips’ legendary depth of experience and passion for American independence will be a hit with your audience and any subsequent viewers on C-SPAN or YouTube.

    You’ll find Howard Phillips an engaging and informative speaker with an unmatched command of political knowledge from decades of legislative battles. Mr. Phillips is the Chairman of the nationwide action organization, The Conservative Caucus, and the host of the nationally televised newsmaker program, Conservative Roundtable. He has been a speaker at literally thousands of conservative events and meetings over decades of fighting for liberty. He is a veteran of countless television and radio interviews, testified before Congress and written op-eds; indeed, Mr. Phillips is one of the founders and leaders of the modern conservative movement.

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